Do Financial Services Agents & Brokers Need Wakeup Advice?

Agents in the financial services sector play a crucial role in sustaining the business. Financial services encompass broad sub verticals like – banking, insurance, and investment funds companies where their crucial role like building relationships and getting business volumes cannot be underestimated.

Personalized sales are the approach set by agents and brokers for decades. They carry a lot of information on products, markets, and prices. But after the IoT, big data and analytics came to the center stage, it became imperative for agents and brokers to stay relevant. The mobile customers supported by mobile workforce of businesses are posing existential threats to agents and brokers. Many may wonder – is this the end of the road for brokers and agents?

Financial services honchos may consider eliminating the role of agents attracting new prospects with reduced premium or discounts. But wait a bit more before you send the execution order as they have the firepower still. It is into this area focused study is required.

Can Agents Stay Relevant?

Now the question before us is, are agents and brokers relevant? First of all they have time tested relationship with a large number of accounts whom they assiduously nurtured. Today, the brokers themselves are mobile and know the IT tools to nurture their audience. With the help of IT apps on their mobile they go for client acquisition faster. In this process, they:

• Contact their prospects and educate them about the products.
• Provide valuable pieces of advice on most feasible product for them.
• Evaluate the performance of securities.
• Build relationship after gaining an understanding on every aspect of customer relationships.

We are coming to the important aspect. Today technology obsolescence is making the role of agents irrelevant. To some extent it is true if the mobile customers make a total shift from agents and have direct interaction with the company. But the question is how feasible is that idea. We all know in our busy schedules, giving priority be it paying premium or buying stocks may not be appealing to all with a few exceptions. The reason behind this is people are not that self motivated and agents step into this gap with their relationship nurturing skills.

In areas like spending money people are little scary as well as slow decision makers. This cannot be construed as weakness but in fact it is wisdom as sensible ones do lot of research and thinking before they take the plunge. What does this mean for the financial services sector? Financial sector services may be enthusiastic about IT tools which helps the customers to take informed decisions. But what is the exact scenario? People will do all research with the tools on mobile but many will be unlikely to take the final purchase decision because there is a need for a resource person to give relevant and contextual information on products and services. This should be followed by the ability to close the deal once the curiosity level is raised to the highest. Who can replace agents or brokers who had been doing this for decades?

So, now the readers might have understood the value of agents in clinching the deal. Getting business is not an ordinary deal. It requires a lot of effort, constant follow up on clients to arrive at a decision. Just SMS alerts won’t do the trick. Having said this, let us consider how the agents can be used creatively with technology in this era of technology disruption. We also need to consider how agents can be empowered with technology and how.

Agents Can Be on Survival Mode with IT Tools

To survive in today’s volatile markets, what is most needed is actionable information. Agents who are working overtime in building relationships and closing deals definitely require latest IT tools, to be specific BI, big data and analytics tools to take key decisions. In the case of insurance, BI tools can help the agents and brokers to derive key insights on customers and understand their inclination to offer customized products or solutions. BI dashboards will help them to manage relationships effectively. So is the case with banking and investment companies who hire third parties for business development.

Application of analytics comes in different areas like content analytics, context analytics and business analytics. In content analytics unstructured data like call center logs, sensor data, audio, video data can be analyzed to track trends, customer responses, etc. In context analytics data is analyzed to understand the context which is vital to take context based decisions. In business analytics patterns, behaviors or trends are discovered through statistical analysis. Last but not least is predictive analytics where application of techniques like statistical analysis, regression analysis, correlation analysis, cluster analysis, social media analytics etc., are applied for new product development.

Agents are catalysts in information gathering as they move with people and trigger discussions on products and services. Because of this stronger reason, one cannot conclude that agents are on their way out in the disruptive technology era. But at the same time agents should take recourse to IT for their survival as well as the survival of financial services businesses. Let time tell the rest.

Finding The Best Software Sales Jobs In Financial Services

Software companies in the United Kingdom have become more and more specialised as the years have gone on. Only a decade ago, there were a few major software providers and a lower level of specialised firms. Today, firms are creating subsidiaries that are focused in on one particular area of development while small software companies are increasing business by settling into a market niche. The specialisation of software development has created a need for talented, enthusiastic sales people to drive up profits and create repeat business. Software sales jobs are a hot commodity on today’s job market.

Young sales professionals and those interested in software sales may not know how to find the best jobs available to them. Like their potential employers, software sales people need to think about a specific sector they want to sell to before beginning the job hunt. The consideration in this part of the job hunt is between the most lucrative sectors and the most interesting sectors for a particular sales person. An applicant who has a background in finances, banking, or other financial areas can meet both considerations easily. There are many software sales jobs available with firms that sell to financial services companies.

Sales people who want these specific positions need to proceed deliberately into the job hunt. Many graduates and young sales professionals decide to submit their CVs and applications haphazardly, happening upon a job that they like without much thought. A shrewd sales professional will approach the job hunt like they would a potential sale. Professionals should first research the available job market and the financial services software sector before pitching themselves to hiring managers. A software sales person can review financial services publications, job sites, and other resources to learn everything they can about the industry. With this information in hand, the software sales person is ready to make their move into the financial services sector.

There are two ways in which a software sales person can enter the financial services sub-sector of their field. One way is to attend job fairs, open houses, and other events held by software companies. These events are ideal one-on-one meetings between applicants and recruiters because sales people who sell themselves can sell software products. In addition to job fairs, software sales people need to consider using recruitment agencies. These agencies can help leverage the skills and experiences of a sales person while determining the best job available to them in the software field.

Efficiency of Housekeeping Service Sectors

The significance of housekeeping services are growing day by day. It is credited to be one of the most widely known service sector. Today most of the companies and homes hire the services of this particular sector to fulfill various requirements.

The sector provides useful services which include maintaining cleanliness in office premises, hospitals, malls, homes and so forth. There are many other services provided by these professionals and some of them may be discussed as follows.

Known For Hospitality

With the ever growing importance and demand for the housekeeping services, there are many companies that provide excellent services to their clients. The services of these sectors are mandatory to maintain a certain level of cleanliness in upcoming corporate offices and other places.

Managing properties and houses: the industry of tourism has virtually experienced a boom due to the emergence of the housekeeping services. As tourists require vacant homes to stay, companies hire the services of such sectors to maintain the place.

Maintain cleanliness: the housekeeping services are utilised to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in health care centres and hospitals. They are also adept in providing good food prepared under hygienic conditions.

Pest control: the services of these sectors can be availed to control pests and get rid of cockroaches and rodents.

Maintenance: repairing faulty pipelines, leaky taps and cleaning water tanks are also some of the important duties performed by these service sectors.

Cleanliness in offices: to improve productivity, the work environment of an office needs to be maintained neatly. The services of these sectors can be utilised to clean rooms, carpets, floors, and window panes. The housekeeping services are hired by most of the corporate businesses as these professionals use better methods to clean carpets by using special conditioners and shampoos to clean sofa sets and other upholstery.

Maintenance of Stocks: housekeeping services also keep stock of items in hotels and hospitals such as table sheets, bed linens, pillow covers, room fresheners and towels.

Cleanliness of homes: maintaining a clean and spotless home can be a daunting task for working professionals. By utilising the services of these sectors, it is possible to keep your home spotlessly clean. With professional help, it is possible to clean your marble and granite floors easily and keep it stain free.

Glass cleaning: professionals from the housekeeping services are hired to clean huge glasses in corporate offices and malls.

Managing financial reports: another added responsibility of this service sector includes managing the financial reports of the property holders. Today many of the property owners hire the services of these sectors for efficient and better care of properties.

Disposal of waste: the services of these sectors also include proper disposal of waste from offices and homes. Collection and disposal of waste are done by professionals provided by the housekeeping service providers.

Apart from the above mentioned responsibilities, this service sector can also be engaged for many other jobs such as cleaning of gardens, cars and catering. There are many service providers listed in the business portals which are hired for corporate as well as domestic uses.